1. De PindakaasPrins - Oorkaan
  2. Oorlog - Theater Artemis
  3. Breidzje - Tryater
  4. Zwier
  5. Liefde - Maas theater en dans
  6. Alice - De Stilte
  7. Mappamondo - Dadodans/Gaia Gonnelli
  8. Happily Ever After - Maas theater en dans
  9. Nadia - Toneelmakerij
  10. De man die alles weet - Maas theater en dans / Theater Artemis
  11. Guerilla - Danstheater AYA / DOX
  12. Bromance - Toneelgroep Oostpool
  13. Manxmouse - Theatregroep Kwatta
  14. De man die alles weet - Maas theater en dans / Theater Artemis
  15. 4 Musketiers - Holland Opera
  16. Expeditie Peter Pan - Het Laagland
  17. Vliegende koe - De Stilte
  18. GTA5 - Toneelgroep Oostpool
  19. Liefde - Maas theater en dans
  20. In mijn hoofd ben ik een dun meisje - NTjong
  21. Wij gaan op berenjacht - Theater Sonnevanck
  22. Falling Dreams - Het Filiaal
  23. Beauty en het beest - Maas theater en dans
  24. Als je maar hard genoeg rent - Theater Artemis
  25. Karawane - Tryater
  26. Buurvrouw en Buurvrouw - Het Kleine Theater
  27. Breidzje - Tryater
  28. Breidzje - Tryater
  29. Mappamondo - Dadodans/Gaia Gonnelli
  30. Breidzje - Tryater
  31. Beauty en het beest - Maas theater en dans
  32. Mappamondo - Dadodans/Gaia Gonnelli
  33. Klaas - NTjong
  34. Expeditie Peter Pan - Het Laagland
  35. Woestijnjasmijntjes - Toneelmakerij
  36. Muziek van Beneden - Het Houten Huis
  37. Nadia - Toneelmakerij
  38. Karawane - Tryater
  39. Als je maar hard genoeg rent - Theater Artemis
  40. Ignite - ISH
  41. Eitje - Maas theater en dans
  42. Liefde - Maas theater en dans
  43. Tik Tak Slaap - Sanne Zweije
  44. Mappamondo - Dadodans/Gaia Gonnelli
  45. Karawane - Tryater
  46. Solo van Nas en Jim - Maas theater en dans
  47. Overtreffende Trap - De Stilte
  48. Happily Ever After - Maas theater en dans
  49. Liefde - Maas theater en dans
  50. Sluier - Danstheater AYA
  51. AaiPet - BonteHond
  52. De grote illusionist - Het Filiaal
  53. Solo van Nas en Jim - Maas theater en dans
  54. Als je maar hard genoeg rent - Theater Artemis
  55. Woestijnjasmijntjes - Toneelmakerij
  56. Nadia - Toneelmakerij
  57. Karawane - Tryater
  58. Woestijnjasmijntjes - Toneelmakerij
  59. Onderstebodem - Toneelmakerij
  60. Edward Scharenhand - Theater Sonnevanck
  61. Oorlog - Theater Artemis
  62. Solo van Nas en Jim - Maas theater en dans
  63. Mappamondo - Dadodans/Gaia Gonnelli
  64. Mappamondo - Dadodans/Gaia Gonnelli
  65. Oorlog - Theater Artemis
  66. Als je maar hard genoeg rent - Theater Artemis
  67. Trui - Sanne Zweije
  68. Woei! -
  69. Sterrenwachter - TG Winterberg
  70. De dag dat de papegaai zelf iets wilde zeggen - Theater Artemis
  71. I Call My Brothers - Danstheater AYA / Toneelmakerij
  72. De dag dat de papegaai zelf iets wilde zeggen - Theater Artemis
  73. Cellostorm - Oorkaan
  74. Episch - DOX
  75. The Basement - De Dansers
  76. Leo en Lena - NTjong
  77. Dag meneer Van Dalen - TG Graasland
  78. Fantastische Meneer Vos - Meneer Monster
  79. Mappamondo - Dadodans/Gaia Gonnelli
  80. Tik Tak Slaap - Sanne Zwije / Feikes Huis
  81. De Tantes - Toneelmakerij
  82. Hoge Fronten - Niet Wiet, Wel Nel

Assitej International


ASSITEJ stands for the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People,

(French: Association Internationale du Théâtre de l’Enfance et la Jeunesse) and was established in 1965 as an international alliance of professionals involved in theatre for children and young people.

ASSITEJ unites theatres, organizations and individuals throughout the world who make art for children and young people.


In the mission, ASSITEJ states its dedication to the artistic, cultural and educational rights of children and young people across the globe and advocates on behalf of all children regardless of nationality, cultural identity, ethnicity, or religion.

For more information: www.assitej-international.org/constitution

ASSITEJ aims at connecting people in the field of theatre for children and young people in order to deepen understandings, develop practice, create new opportunities and strengthen the global sector, on behalf of all children everywhere.


The members of ASSITEJ are national centers, professional networks and individuals. Assitej Belgium is the official Belgian national centre, representing all three linguistic communities in Belgium. In total there are around 85 national centres.

Executive committee and president

The organization is run by the executive committee, consisting of 14 people. President is Yvette Hardie, a South African theatre producer, director, educator, and writer active in the world of theatre and performance, with a particular focus on theatre for children and young people. She is festival director of the Out The Box Festival of Visual Performance and Puppetry (2011), after having served as family festival Curator (2010), and she initiated and ran the Festival of Fame, Johannesburg, for the first three years of its existence. She has developed curricula, designed unit standards and written textbooks and educational handbooks for the Performing Arts in schools and in further education. Her work as a course leader for Creative Voices serves to empower arts and culture teachers to deliver quality education. She initiated the launch of ASSITEJ SOUTH AFRICA in 2007, bringing together theatre practitioners with a common passion for theatre for children and young people.

World congress

The general meeting of ASSITEJ international is the World Congress, held every three years in another city. The last one took place in Poland in 2014, but before congresses were held in Warsaw, Prague, Lyon, Madrid, Adelaide, Seoul, Rostov on Don, Tromsø, Albany, etc. The next world congress will take place in South Africa in 2017.

Artistic gatherings

Next to the rather massive world congress ASSITEJ, has installed annual artistic gatherings. Next appointment is Birmingham in summer 2016 for a mix of international shows, meetings and discussions.


ASSITEJ is affiliated with several practitioner networks, including the International Inclusive Arts Network (IIAN) and the International Theatre for Young Audiences Research Network (ITYARN).

Professional networks bring together theatre companies, organizations or persons across cultural, linguistic, national and other divides, because of a shared interest or need related to the field of theatre for children and young people. In professional networks, membership is often specific to a particular area of specialization in the field. You can find all ASSITEJ networks here.


Next Generation

The ASSITEJ Next Generation Programme is meant for young artists in Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA). It includes Group Residency Programmes and Individual Placements. The programme is designed to create new opportunities for learning and to enable international exchange and collaboration between younger artists.

Next Generation Residencies

This is a programme designed to support artistic and cultural networking, exchange and collaboration between artists within festivals and other international settings through a special programme for a group.

The first Next Generation group met in Adelaide, Australia, during the 16th.ASSITEJ Congress. Since then there have been Next Generation Residencies in Okinawa, Japan (2012) during the 1st. ASSITEJ International Meeting within Kijimuna Festa, Linz, Austria (2013) during the 2nd.ASSITEJ International Meeting within the Schäxpir Festival. In 2014 a new group of 25 participants met in Warsaw, Poland, during the 18th. ASSITEJ Congress at the Korzak Festival. A group of 38 artists from ‘developing countries’ have been brought together for Augenblick-mal, the 2015 ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering.

You can find the residencies HERE.

Next Generation Placements

ASSITEJ supports Next Generation Placements to provide younger theatre artists, producers and administrators with an individual opportunity for international mobility within the field of TYA and in order to encourage contact and exchange between experienced and emerging artists.

Young people with an interest for and/or experience in TYA will have the opportunity to learn and work with artists in a country different to their own, within the framework of a placement provided by a host. This could include a festival, seminar, workshop, forum, production, etc.

Any person related to TYA between 18 and 35 years old may apply for a placement through this program, and may apply to ASSITEJ for limited financial support.

You can find the placement offers HERE.

About the placements offers

The placements programme is a rolling programme in which temporary placements may be offered by companies, centres, networks, festivals or associations and may include participation in festivals, seminars, forums, workshops, productions or any other project within the field of TYA. They will allow younger and emerging artists to have experience in acting, directing, production, playwriting, design, administration, or any TYA related tasks in an international context.

The length and other conditions of the placement may vary.  The placement may or may not include an offer for accommodation, financial support or meals. Each placement offer may be for one or more people. Each offer should be made with a detailed description of the activities involved and other conditions. A contact person should be mentioned in the offer.

To make an offer: fill out the Placements Offer Form.