Agency Vanaf2 can be literally translated into ‘From 2 and up’. Starting in 1998 behind a small desk in the North of Amsterdam, Vanaf2 has now become the leading organization for toddler and pre-school theatre in The Netherlands. With a high level of expertise and years of experience, we offer a wide range of youth programming for theatres, festivals, schools, libraries and many other venues.

Apart from a booking agency, Vanaf2 is also known for organizing toddler festivals. Our toddler festival is a unique concept specially developed to create an immersive experience with both performances and themed interactive play areas across one venue.

Vanaf2 offers various language-free performances aimed at toddlers (Hermit, Farewell, Yellow, Tummy Tom’s Colorful Life) that have toured in Europe and beyond. Recently, we have started to broaden our target audience by offering theatre for children from 0 up to 12.

International ambition

Vanaf2 aims to create theatre shows for everyone in the Netherlands and beyond. Since a lot of pre-school theatre is wordless, shows can easily travel across borders to  entertain and inspire children from all over the world.

Our shows have performed at both theatres and theatre festivals in Europe and beyond. Simone de Jong Company’s Hermit has performed at the Baboro Festival in Galway, The Young of Art festival in Belfast and the Hakawy festival in Egypt, with dates In Ireland (Imaginate), South-Africa and Italy still to come.

Through our network in China and collaboration with Marphy’s Playhouse in Chengdu, several of our shows have toured in China. During the recent pandemic, Vanaf2 and Marphy’s Playhouse have started collaborating on local remakes of Dutch shows.

Starting 2018, we have been broadening our horizons to the United States by participating in the IPAY Festival in Philadelphia. Hermit and The Last Cookie were part of the offIPAY progam in 2018 and 2019 respectively. In 2020, Yellow was selected to be part of the official IPAY program and won second place in the audience awards. By thinking big and broadening our collaborative network, we maintain the quality and originality of our productions.

Information shows season 21/22  

Yellow (2+) – Mimewave

Yellow will take the audience on a journey to a world where everything is yellow. Three performers collectively shape the city into something beautiful, life appears perfect in the yellow city. That is until blue appears…

Little Paperdoll (3+) – De Grote Haay/2-ater Productions  

From a lifeless piece of paper a new imaginative life wrinkles: a seed grows into a flower, a caterpillar emerges into a butterfly and the paper doll comes to life. In different styles of music, the three manipulators take young viewers to the origin of life, love, humor and sorrow.

Farewell (2+) – Malou van Sluis

Farewell is a musical adventure about a sea of ​​dreams for everyone who sometimes feels alone. An imaginative show about feeling desires, and having to miss them. About finding friends and saying farewell.

BB (0,5+) – Makiko Ito

A clown-like magical play full where dancers and musicians improvise to any of the movements and sounds the young audience might produce. A touching unique dialog between performers, babies and toddlers comes to life before your eyes.

The Last Cookie (3+) – The Ministry of Unachieved Affairs

A (biscuit-less)comedy in a room full of porcelain for everybody from the age of 3 and up. A performance about how peculiar adults can sometimes act and, of course, about biscuits.

The Coat (10+) – De Witte Pomp

A touching and imaginative performance about the Jewish granddaughter of a puppeteer in the darkest days of WWII. Through puppetry, this heavy subject becomes lighter and the gruesome more poetic.

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