Tryater is the oldest theatre company in the Netherlands. Deeply rooted in Friesland, the only province with it’s own official language. Our multilingual productions place us right in the centre of children’s and young people’s worlds. We address social issues relevant to their age groups, such as climate, diet and homosexuality, and use their imagination to get them to think and see differently. Our productions invite children and teens to break loose from their own views and get involved in discussion – in a humorous, poetic and direct way. We show that theatre is close by and adventurous, whether you are 4 or 16 years’ old.   

International ambition

Multilingualism is a global given and Tryater associates in particular with other European theatre companies located in similarly rural areas with a minority language, such as in Wales and Brittany. We are part of the European IETM network and are also active in the sub-network AREA (Arts in Rural European Areas). We share experiences and insights with these fellow companies at both an artistic and production level.

Information shows season 21/22

And this is the weather (8+)
A musical weather sensation in which temperatures can rise and CO2 lurks everywhere.

And this is the weather is the sunny television programme with Friesland’s best-known weather woman Paulette Ietsema. Het weather show’s ratings have never gone below freezing because what Paulette says, is always right. Paulette is passionate at presenting what the weather is – never what the weather will be like. According to her, the weather has become far too unpredictable.

Meteorologist Cosmo is worried about how erratic the weather has been recently. When the alarm on his brand-new weather meter goes off, he tries to convince Paulette to, just this once, do a weather forecast. People at home need to know what’s on the way. But Paulette doesn’t want to worry her viewers and turns a cold shoulder to his urgent cries. And then a storm is unleashed – the whole of Friesland is hit by extreme weather conditions.

Will Paulette and Cosmo be able to keep a cool head? Will they be able to find out why the weather is so confused? And how will they be able to shape a sunny future?

Sweet as sugar (4+)
A delicious, colourful soap for young children

When you eat sweets, it’s as if there’s suddenly a party on your tongue, as if bright lamps light up in your head. You feel hi-ha-happy and who wouldn’t want to feel that?

More than a thousand sweets have been found in a cupboard at school. Nobody’s allowed to eat any of them because ‘sweets aren’t neat.’ Jos and Wendy from the Fight against Sugar Authority have been given the job of checking all the children’s teeth and getting the dangerous stuff out of school. They get to work with their special sweet sweepersand sugar-repellent suits – but Wendy actually has a terrible sweet tooth and she’s drooling from all that sweet goodness. And what’s so bad about one little jelly tot? Or a tiny mini mars? Or a teeny-weeny lick of a lolly. Will Jos and Wendy be able to resist sweet temptation?

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