Toneelmakerij is a theatre company for children and teenagers. We make plays and tell stories: new ones written for us and old ones retold. We love language, music and powerful imagery. We produce theatre that is intentionally adventurous and surprising.

In all our activities, our starting point is the world of young people. We have confidence in our audiences’ flexibility and imagination. We like to incorporate complex themes into our work, while always remaining transparent, humorous and playful. We reach out to our audience in theatres, classrooms, offbeat locations and in urban neighbourhoods.

International collaboration is in our genes. Our gaze is always directed outwards. We have got a big network of international partners. We love performing our plays abroad, we are dedicated to artistic exchange and intercultural cooperation with fellow theatre practitioners abroad. It is through this intensive contact outside the Netherlands that we get to reflect on our own practice, culture, and society.