ISH dance collective

ISH is something truly special. It’s a collective of quirky individuals that act on the belief that there are no boundaries and that the world is actually a playground, a wonderful place full of stories, characters and inspiration, full of people who are just as exceptional as we are.

Since 2000, ISH has been connecting people by surprising them, combining street skills with established art forms. Whether it’s a cross fertilisation between hip-hop and ballet or a fusion of freestyle bmx and classical music, ISH does not believe in borders.

ISH likes artists that have a very high level, but also have enough guts to be different and ‘colour outside the lines’. Working with completely different parties like the Dutch National Ballet, the autonomous artist Dadara, Silbersee or young performing artists this leads to new cross-fertilisations on both the artistic and production levels. ISH’s shows, demos and educational projects innovatively build a bridge between art forms, disciplines and cultures.