Hoge Fronten

An old cement factory in Maastricht serves as the creative base from which Hoge Fronten – led by dramatist Lieke Benders – creates theatrical programmes that put a southern Dutch twist on universal themes and presents them on the national and international stage.

The performances by Hoge Fronten invite the audience to literally and figuratively move and to search for universal similarities that transcend religions, convictions, and individual values and truths. In her work, Lieke Benders emphasizes in a playful and poetic way the social importance of nuance, compassion, and empathy. Her starting point is always her own observations of the needs of people and the spirit of the times.

Hoge Fronten has collaborated with various partners to create performances for children and adults alike. These performances were held in theatres across the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as at various national and international festivals. The troupe has since built a fully customizable repertoire, but continues to produce new shows as well.