Het Nationale Theater is the biggest touring theatre company of the Netherlands. HNTjong is part of Het Nationale Theater. It is also the first theatre organisation in the country to programme and produce performances in-house. The Dutch National Theatre operates in several locations: the Koninklijke Schouwburg, Theater aan het Spui, Zaal 3 and the HNT Studios.

HNTjong makes theatre for everyone who is young at heart. We tell stories about the world around us – some of them new and others well-known, but always in a different and unexpected way. HNTjong not only performs in the theatre, but also gives performances and educational projects at schools and in the neighbourhood. The artistic director is Noël Fischer.

Information shows season 21/22 

Tori (6+)

Tori is based on the award-winning book by Brian Elstak in collaboration with Karin Amatmoekrim. It is an exciting adventure about the brave human children Cel, Bones and Zi. Their father, the giant tortoise Jean-Michel, is a real “tori man”, a storyteller. When he tells his stories, the whole world stops to listen.

Suddenly a blinded limo drives in and disrupts the story. It is Mr. Fox, who is up to know good and has terrible plans for Jean-Michel. Cel, Bones and Zi set out to help their father. Armed with a pencil sword that has the ability to make drawings come to live, a powerful Colossus shield that makes you invulnerable and an mysterious tiger claw that gives you the power of a hundred tigers. Are they up to the face the evil Fox’s henchmen?

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