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Youth theatre festivals and venue

De Betovering (The Enchantment)

is the international arts & theatre festival for a young audience during the Autumn break in The Hague at over 50 locations; at theatres, museums, in the streets and more. Children up to 12 years can plunge into the magic of the performances and workshops this nine-day festival has to offer. Be moved, surprised, laugh and get goose bumps during a theatre or dance production, take part in challenging workshops, and much, much more! The festival annually welcomes around 25.000 visitors. All performances and workshops highlighted as ‘No Dutch Required’ are suitable for non-Dutch-speaking children. Check out www.debetovering.nl/en for the programme (available from September onwards). 


BRIK festival

The biannual BRIK Festival (formerly known as the International Stiltefestival) was
initiated by dance company de Stilte in 2011. It originated from the company’s
desire to share the many beautiful performances encountered on its international
tours with their audience in Breda. Offering children and adults the opportunity
to travel the world of non-verbal theatre in just one week, without having to leave
Breda. The festival books poetic performances for children aged zero to twelve, their
parents, grandparents, teachers and guardians. Performances that stimulate
children’s imagination and allow space for personal interpretation. Performances
without words. Because de Stilte knows all too well that, to convey a story, a body
can do just fine on its own.


2turvenhoog festival is the most adventurous art festival for everyone from 0 to 6 years and adults, is coming to you this fall! You will encounter performances full of dance, music, theatre and visual arts in Corrosia Theater, Expo & Film in Almere and Toneelschuur and Philharmonie in Haarlem. The performances challenge, surprise and are also for adults a true experience.


2turvenhoog festival is a unique opportunity to enjoy performance art together with your baby, toddler or infant. The program consists of no less than 19 shows which connect perfectly to the development of the young child and the way they see the world. There will be dancing with paper, hair and paint. Music made with cardboard tubes, trumpets and drums. And theatre made of cookies, wind and foam. In the foyer you can endlessly play in the art installations.


Festival Tweetakt, in Utrecht, is an arts festival for everyone! It has theatre and dance performances, music performances, fine arts, interactive installations, and more. Made by young talents as well as experienced theatre makers, from Utrecht, from the Netherlands and Belgium, but also from far abroad. And suitable for all ages, from toddlers to young adults to grandparents.

At Tweetakt you can see the most exciting representations of what is currently happening in the field of contemporary performing arts for youth. You can see new productions, for example, or established hits being revisited by well-known companies such as Theater Artemis or Studio ORKA. A fixed spot in the theatre programme is reserved for a performance by students of the HKU. A fantastic opportunity to see the new talent that everyone will soon be talking about shine now already! This is also true of our music programme. We invite promising acts to come and perform in the Podiumkas. A stepping stone to success! During previous editions of the festival, Ronnie Flex, Thijs Boontjes and Snelle, for example, performed. But well-known names such as Roxeanne Hazes, Roosbeef and Tim Knol have also performed at Tweetakt.

NTF jong

During its eleven-day run (in September in Amsterdam) the National Dutch Theatre Festival (NTF) will be presenting the best theatre shows of the season, handing out numerous awards including those for the best actors in the Netherlands, showcasing the latest successful developments in the performing arts, taking the lead in the debate on the role the theatre plays in our society, and blurring the boundaries between the different stage disciplines. NTF Young presents the best for young audiences.

De Krakeling

With 45,000 visitors and 300 shows yearly, Theater De Krakeling has been the Dutch theater for youth and families for 42 years. Located in Culturepark Westergas, a park constructed around an old gas factory that has been transformed into a lively, cultural village in the heart of Amsterdam. The aim of Theater De Krakeling is to show from a young age (2 – 18 years) that theater enriches you through all walks of life. Theater breaks through the familiarity of daily life, sparks imagination, wonder, empathy, challenges you to think differently, and gives an open view of the world.

Theater De Krakeling shows performances by famous theater makers and new, promising talents. Theater groups from home and abroad present quality, entertaining performances, specifically aimed at children and youth, but are also enjoyable for families and adults.

For the past 42 years, Theater De Krakeling has been enriching generations and has become the heart of Dutch youth theater. Theater De Krakeling is a theater for everyone.