De Dansers

De Dansers is a Utrecht-based company of dancers and musicians, led by choreographer/dancer Josephine van Rheenen and composer/musician Guy Corneille. We create “dance concerts”: organic meetings of modern dance and live music. Performances by De Dansers tell accessible, intuitively compelling stories about liberation and surrender, in which playful anarchism is never far away. We want to break free from what can make you feel stuck.

De Dansers wants to inspire physicality and a personal connection, especially in a society in which we increasingly live on screens. We do this by simply making contact and giving energy, in everything we do. De Dansers particularly believes in the value of dance at a young age. Then your body is full of movement, it asks for running, jumping, touching. Then the imagination must run wild in your brain. What you miss out as a child, you will not redo later. We make work that appeals to the liveliness of children and that re-invokes forgotten desires for surrender and physical contact in adults.

International ambition 

De Dansers actively engages in international performances. Performing abroad contributes to the development of our artistic signature through exchange with non-Dutch audiences and makers. We focus on strengthening existing relationships with international festivals and theaters, especially in Germany, France, Belgium and Austria. International collaborations with e.g. Theater Strahl Berlin (DE), SCHÄXPIR Festival Linz (AT) and Het Lab/Krokusfestival Hasselt (BE) contribute to the strengthening of these relationships and to the amount of performances abroad. De Dansers plays at various (pop)music or theater festivals, in theaters, schools or in the open air, in towns and cities across the world. With workshops or outreach projects we connect with education and sow and nurture passion for movement and creativity.

Information shows 21/22

– Pokon (4+): an enthusiastic trio plays an unstoppable game of growth, in which chairs, tables, ladders, plants and instruments are whirled across the stage

– Spoon Spoon (4+): in a world full of mattresses, three dancers and a musician search for the freedom of falling: the magical moment when it feels like you’re floating and everything around you disappears 

– Hotel Herewherethere (8+) in co-production with Het Filiaal theatermakers, in which dance, mime and visual theater come together in a family friendly theater thriller, about four lost people finding a home in a constantly changing hotel lobby

– Rust (6+) in co-production with plan d-, a performance about the beauty of the abnormal, in which the three artistic directors meet in a world where discarded things (and people) end up

– Shake Shake Shake (adults/14+)a live music concert that escalates into a dance performance, about shaking off what keeps you down and finding a new direction together

– Hold Your Horses (adults/14+) in co-production with Theater Strahl (DE) and SCHÄXPIR Festival (AT), an acrobatic and sensitive dance concert about the desire to touch, to make contact in order to get a grip on a whimsical world

Business management De Dansers: Miriam Gilissen

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