Kokers (Tubes)

A dance performance with two dancers and a lot of cardboard tubes
A city, a wood, a house, a playground…
Two dancers build their own world using cardboard tubes. How can you build a world – or break it down again? Do you do it together, or alone? What games can you play? Who makes the rules to make the game more fun? In KoKERS (TuBES), two dancers discover how to play together. An imaginative performance about having fun, challenges, comforting and being there for one another.

Gaia Gonnelli is the artistic director of Dadodans. In her work she combines dance, theatre, live music as well as other art disciplines.
Her interest lies in creating work that encourages children to use their own imagination. KoKERS is her third collaboration with the composer Wiebe Gotink. Wiebe’s fascination lies in the fusion of dance and music, and the inexhaustible potential to play with it.