BonteHond makes bold, accessible theatre for a young audience and an audience that still feels young. We do this, because we feel that it is important for children to maintain an open and opinionated view of the world in addition to all rules and agreements. We want to persuade them to refrain from becoming “too” mature, because we think that that’s what makes the world a better place. How awesome would it be if we all regarded each other and the world around us with curiosity? We would be less afraid of everything that’s different or strange.

BonteHond has gained extensive touring experience since it was founded in 2005. Under the artistic supervision of René Geerlings, you’ll find us all across the Netherlands, Belgium and increasingly abroad. With a current average of six medium sized and small scale productions per year, the company is continuously touring theatres, schools, festivals and on-site, with shows, educational service activities, and theatrical encounters.

You might allready know us from the very popular show iPet, which is touring all over the world. Next year we will be presenting it’s successor: GET’M, also suitable for a young audience and again Language No Problem.

For more info on the productions, check out our website or contact Maartje Nieuwint for any questions you might have.