Theater Artemis (Netherlands) produces and performs shows for young people. Jetse Batelaan (1978) is the company’s artistic director. His stage vocabulary is visually strong, imaginative, and clear. His approach is radical. When there is music, it will be performed live. When things are quiet, they are completely quiet. Batelaan draws directly on his own imagination. From an intuitive awareness of how other people think and what is on their minds he confronts viewers of all ages with plays that are completely associative. It makes for powerful and poetic performances. For Batelaan, acting is about imagination: not just playing characters, but also objects, moods, or landscapes. Realism alternates with surrealism. Actions occur in the heat of the performance. Time is a concept; how long can you keep something up? Jetse keeps his audience on the edge of their seats and makes sure his performances retain a sense of surprise to the end.